Travel with Kids to Mexico

Travel to Mexico with your kids and family is a great idea.

Travel with kids.

I don´t have kids but I travel with relatives and friends with their children and these are some of the things that they do:

Trip to the Beach:

Even than you choose a beach area, select a hotel with swimming pool. Kids love to be in the water and it’s easier to take care of them in a close area.

Your kids will need to use sun block, hat and light clothes in order to take care of them from the sun.

Never let children unsupervised at the beach or at the swimming pool area.

Have always a bottle with water in order to clean their eyes, face and hands of sand and also to keep your family hydrated.

Before going in the ocean please check security signs and please, do not take with you a kid without a life jacket in to deep water.

Take little snacks for toddles and everyone.

Bring plastic toys for the small ones, be aware that need to be bigger enough to not be swallowed.


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