Playa del Carmen

What to Do in and around Playa del Carmen. Here you will find the best and great thins to do, to visit in playa dle carmen and surruondings. The best Mexican Beaches to enjoy in your next visit to Mexico.

Tulum Xtreme Tour

Tulum Xtreme Tour with Aventuras Mayas

I went in March to the Tulum Xtreme tour from Aventuras Mayas operator.  In this tour you go to Tulum, enjoy zip lines, rappel, snorkel, and underground rivers. This tour is an all day tour.

Tulum Site Visit.

You will start your day with a visit to the archaeological site of Tulum, where the group will know about the Mayan people and this spectacular site from the certified local guide.

Tulum is a great choice to visit if you want to know about the history of the Mayas, this place is a Pre-Columbian Mayan walled city, it was built on a cliff by the caribbean sea. From there, the Mayas could see all the boats approaching from any way. This site was the entrance port for the grand trade area that the Mayas had with the other groups. In war times, Tulum were the best point of surveillance.

Tulum View

Great View of Tulum Site

The archaeological site of Tulum is very close to Playa del Carmen and Cancun, and the infrastructure to get to the site is very good, a big parking lot for the buses and cars, a commerce area with clean restrooms, small snacks places, souvenirs stores and even a Starbucks. There is a small transportation that will take you to the entrance of the wall, if you don’t want to walk this distance.

Inside the surrounding wall, where is the archaeological site there is no bathrooms or any market place so please before you go to this area, take your time to use the restrooms have a drink or wait until you return from visit the area.

Beach at Tulum site

Xtreme Tulum Aventuras Mayas

Tulum Xtreme Tour: zip-line, rappel & snorkel

After we visit and enjoy Tulum, we were taken to Aventuras Mayas activities center, there, we enjoy the other part of the day doing a zip-line circuit, free rappel and snorkel in an under ground river that you have access by an open cenote or sinkhole.

Zip Line Tour

Zip Lines Equipment Tour

The area is a natural reserve where you can enjoy from the nature all around, the people that is in charge of the area take a very good care of it, they do recycling, they use only local  material and take care of the environment.

One thing that I really like was how they take care of the visitants, they have very good safety regulations and their equipment is in very good shape.

Under ground River Riviera Maya

Snorkel Tour at Underground River

You can enjoy the extreme activities or if you chicken out from one (like I did with the rappel thing), you can wait for your group relaxing in an hammock or walking around taking great pictures of the jungle, the palapas and the coaties.

After the activities you will enjoy a local meal: grill chicken, black beans and rice, also they have spaghetti, nachos and mashed potatoes. And a salad bar with guacamole!!! corn tortillas and salsas.


Cozumel Island Great Caribbean View

Cozumel Island is the biggest island in Quintana Roo state, is just in front of Playa del Carmen area.  A lot of cruises arrived there in order to let their passenger enjoy  a little bit of the beauty of the Mexican Caribbean.

cozumel souvenirs

You can find great souvenirs in Cozumel

Cozumel, best know as the second large reef in the world after Australia, you will enjoy a very different activities in the water that will meet any wish that you have. At Cozumel you can snorkel and see a lot of colored fish, you can dive and swim around sharks, you can sail around the island feeling the breeze in your face and the glorious view in your eyes.

You can swim with dolphins, manatees and also if you like the adventure in the jungle, visit the Chan Ka Naab park area.

Cozumel Island Visit

This time I visited Cozumel because my brother and his family were there as part of ports that they were visiting at the Disney Cruise. My mom was we me for Christmas and she was a little sad because it will be a Christmas without her grandchildren.

My brother send me an inbox by FB and told me that next day they will be at Cozumel that we ca spend a little time with them there.

So next day in the really morning, we drive to Playa del Carmen, Playa del Carmen is about 45 minutes from Cancun. After we leave the car at the parking lot (you can find a parking lot that charge for hour or for day, also you can park at the street, only in places that you are really sure that you can park).

We took the ferry to Cozumel (the ferry take 45 minutes) and wait for them at the restaurant inside the mall in from of where the Disney cruise land.

We enjoy a lovely lunch with the family and after that my mom and I took the ferry back.

Cozumel street

Cozumel street view

Last Minute Deals for your Trip

Last Minute Deals for Your Trip to Mexico

Last Minute Deals for Your Trip to Mexico