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Grill Cactus Paddles with Cheese Recipe

An Easy Cactus Leaves Recipe.

This great and healthy dish is very easy to cook, it will take you less than 20 minutes to have it ready to serve.

When I was living in Cancun, I use to have lunch at a family restaurant that was very close to my office. What I like from them is that they always offer healthy dishes and the cooker always take the time to explain to you how every dish were prepared and why was good for your body.  This is one of my favorites.

Where to buy Cactus paddles.

If you are in Mexico, you can buy the cactus paddles in the super market at the vegetables area or in the local market, ask for the one that are already clean (without the thorns). If you are in the United States, you need to look for it at the Mexican stores or at the Farmers Markets. Also, you can have cactus plants in your garden and take some of the young leaves to prepare this dish.

When you have the cactus leaves all ready clean, prepare the rice and have the green salad.

Then just grill the cactus leaves with a little of oil, when you see that they are tender place the cheese between two paddles and cook until the cheese melt.

The cheese, we like the fresh cheese or panela cheese, because are the ones that have less grease, but you can also use asadero, monterrey or any cheese that you like, just remember that the flavor will depend a lot in the type of cheese that you use.

Real Mexican Food Recipe

Cactus Leaves with Cheese Recipe

Grill Cactus paddles whit Cheese recipe.

Ingredients per person:

2 cactus paddles (leaves)

1 thick slice of fresh cheese

Avocado slices

Tomatoes and onion slices

olive oil, salt and pepper to taste

Grill the cactus leaves, place the cheese between the cactus and wait until it melt.

Serve with tomato slices and avocado on top, salt and pepper.

Rice and green salad or fried beans on the side.

Buen provecho!

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