Cozumel Island Great Caribbean View

Cozumel Island is the biggest island in Quintana Roo state, is just in front of Playa del Carmen area.  A lot of cruises arrived there in order to let their passenger enjoy  a little bit of the beauty of the Mexican Caribbean.

cozumel souvenirs

You can find great souvenirs in Cozumel

Cozumel, best know as the second large reef in the world after Australia, you will enjoy a very different activities in the water that will meet any wish that you have. At Cozumel you can snorkel and see a lot of colored fish, you can dive and swim around sharks, you can sail around the island feeling the breeze in your face and the glorious view in your eyes.

You can swim with dolphins, manatees and also if you like the adventure in the jungle, visit the Chan Ka Naab park area.

Cozumel Island Visit

This time I visited Cozumel because my brother and his family were there as part of ports that they were visiting at the Disney Cruise. My mom was we me for Christmas and she was a little sad because it will be a Christmas without her grandchildren.

My brother send me an inbox by FB and told me that next day they will be at Cozumel that we ca spend a little time with them there.

So next day in the really morning, we drive to Playa del Carmen, Playa del Carmen is about 45 minutes from Cancun. After we leave the car at the parking lot (you can find a parking lot that charge for hour or for day, also you can park at the street, only in places that you are really sure that you can park).

We took the ferry to Cozumel (the ferry take 45 minutes) and wait for them at the restaurant inside the mall in from of where the Disney cruise land.

We enjoy a lovely lunch with the family and after that my mom and I took the ferry back.

Cozumel street

Cozumel street view

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