Enjoy a great vacation at Cancun Quintana Roo Mexico where you will find a lot of things to do and a beautiful beach and a lot of party!

Running park in Cancun, Kabah Park.

Like Running in the Forest in Cancun?

The best option in Cancun city to enjoy nature, and enjoy a safety running around a great green area in the middle of the city is Kabah park.

Walking at Kabah Park


It doesn’t matter if you like running, jogging or footing (I’m sorry, I do not know the difference) here you will enjoy the ride.

Kabah Park.

Parque Kabah or Kabah park is just in front Costco store at Kabah avenue. Its open everyday from 6 am to 8 pm. This park is public and you dont have to pay to get inside.

Kabah park Cancun

Running in Cancun


It is a forest reserve area where you can enjoy the view of different kinds of local trees, animals, birds and little snakes, don’t worry most of the time they will stay inside the forest and humans are not allow to go outside the sidewalk or ride walk.

If you are going to visit, please be aware that it is not allow to bring pets, its not allow to feed the animals or to bring alcoholic drinks.

And you need step beside if someone is coming behind you running, if you want to walk keep in your right side please. There also some areas with gym equipment where you can complement your running routine with time in one of this areas.

Running Park Cancun: Visit Kabah park, a running park in Cancun and … Enjoy your day!


Cenote Verde Lucero, Puerto Morelos

Cenote Verde Lucero is like 18 kms from Puerto Morelos town, just drive by the principal road of the cenote road and look for the sign. you will see the parking area just a few metros from there and a few steps you will enjoy the cenote.

At the Cenote Route at Puerto Morelos there are at least 200 cenotes, some of them you can visit and have access from the principal road.

cenote lucero

Cenotes, also known as sinkholes are the open area of the underground rivers that are at the Yucatan peninsula area. Some are very easy to get and some are inside the jungle or you need to go very deep in the cave to find the nice cold water areas.

I know, this photo is not great but is the only one that I have for now, that’s me 🙂

Cenote Verde Lucero Puerto Morelos

Cenote Verde Lucero Puerto Morelos

The cenote Verde Lucero has access only by stone stairs or jumping from the top (I didn’t jump).

cenote sinkhole lucero

Cenote sinkhole Lucero

It is a very nice place to enjoy one day of your vacations or you can enjoy part of the day here and then enjoy the beach that is just like 30 minutes from here at Puerto Morelos.

Cenote Verde Lucero general areas include bathrooms, chairs and palapas to enjoy the day. Also offer life jackets if you need it.

Open every day 9 am to 5 pm, cost like 150 pesos per person, you can (you must) bring your food and beverages.

There are a lot of ways to enjoy the Cenotes at Riviera Maya, check all the different choices that you have, you can go by yourself renting a car, like in this one, also there some where you can camp for a day or two. Or you can go on a day tour with a tour company where you can enjoy the activities with a group, enjoy great meals and drinks, and other activities on the day.

clear water cenote

I love the clear water in the cenote.

Come enjoy the Riviera Maya!

Google maps directions for Cenote Verde Lucero

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