Running park in Cancun, Kabah Park.

Like Running in the Forest in Cancun?

The best option in Cancun city to enjoy nature, and enjoy a safety running around a great green area in the middle of the city is Kabah park.

Walking at Kabah Park


It doesn’t matter if you like running, jogging or footing (I’m sorry, I do not know the difference) here you will enjoy the ride.

Kabah Park.

Parque Kabah or Kabah park is just in front Costco store at Kabah avenue. Its open everyday from 6 am to 8 pm. This park is public and you dont have to pay to get inside.

Kabah park Cancun

Running in Cancun


It is a forest reserve area where you can enjoy the view of different kinds of local trees, animals, birds and little snakes, don’t worry most of the time they will stay inside the forest and humans are not allow to go outside the sidewalk or ride walk.

If you are going to visit, please be aware that it is not allow to bring pets, its not allow to feed the animals or to bring alcoholic drinks.

And you need step beside if someone is coming behind you running, if you want to walk keep in your right side please. There also some areas with gym equipment where you can complement your running routine with time in one of this areas.

Running Park Cancun: Visit Kabah park, a running park in Cancun and … Enjoy your day!


What to do when it’s raining in your vacations?

It is raining?

In every place in the world there are months it will rain. It is most common to have more rain at the more humid areas like rain forest, jungle, lagoons, rivers and beaches.



At Cancun and Riviera Maya the rain is present most of the times at noon or dawn. Just with little rain that helps to low the hot weather and bring a fresh breeze.


But, in some months rain can last all day and all night. But this is not always, and most of the time rains one day and the other it´s shinny and shine.





Picture: –


Let me give some tips for when it`s raining:

1.- If you are driving and you don’t know the road, please, look for a nice and secure spot to stop and enjoy the view. Stop at a restaurant or cafetería and enjoy a cup of coffee and talk with the other people that gather there.

Cancun Hotel Zone drive way

Cancun Hotel Zone Avenue

2.- Are you on vacations and looks like is going to rain all day? Go to a local mall, a local market. Know and taste new food at their food court.

Enjoy walking around a Local Market

Mexican Local Market

3.- Go to the movies! In Mexico we have great movie theaters where you can choose from a regular room, a 4DX room or a VIP room (luxury reclining leather seats, special menus and waiters). Movies are played in their original language.

VIP Room Cinepolis

VIP Room. Cinepolis movies Teather

4.- Go shopping! Mexico and more if you are in places like Cancun and Riviera Maya you will find duty free stores. So enjoy a raining day looking for your new perfume or your new purse. Even if you don’t want to buy, go to a mall and walk around, enjoy spending time with your family.

Shopping time with he family

Shopping time with the family at Plaza kukulcan Cancun

5.-Are you in an all inclusive resort? Go to the central area, where all the activities of the hotel are offered, and enjoy the time. I promise you that something there will be interesting for you.


6.- Travel solo? A raining day is the best day to have a drink in the lobby bar and meet other travelers, don’t like this idea, enjoy your hammock and finish that book that always is waiting for you. Or bring your laptop, choose a little table and write the next post in your blog with a nice coffee.

7.-Enjoy the journey, enjoy the day, enjoy your vacations, rain is a natural event, like the wind, like the sun. So smile and let it pass thru.



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