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Isla Mujeres – Italian Ice cream.

Isla Mujeres Italian Ice Cream.

New thing to do at Isla.

In my last visit to Isla Mujeres, one of the things or change that gets my attention was the Italian ice cream stores; I saw almost one in every street at down town Isla Mujeres. Even you can find the typical Mexican ice cream street seller but is not “bolis” or “garrafa mexican ice cream” what he is offering, he offer Italian ice cream.

Isla Mujeres Ice Cream

Ice cream at Isla Mueres, Italian Gelato

I’m not complaining, I love ice cream, and this was delicious! It is just something that I notice. You can ask for a little taste before decide between all the good flavors, for me the mango and vanilla was awesome. If you buy your ice cream at the street little cart you can choose between 2 or 3 flavor but if you go to one of the stores, you will have a lot of flavors to choose. What is bad? That every ice cream store is different they are not a chain brand, they are family home made ice cream, so you need to visit at least 3 to taste and know the difference between them and then decide which is your favorite.

A lot of posts that I had read in these days said that they love to go there because there is always a handsome Italian guy, but I really don’t remember that, I remember that every taste that they gave us I love it so I decide to have one double scoop cone, I remember that the cone was made right in the moment so it was really crispy and I also remember that I didn’t walk to much when my cone was gone because I eat it to fast.

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