Enjoy Cancun Beach with Your Dog.

Cancun Dog Beach.

Now you can enjoy a great day at the beach with your best friend! Cancun beach called Nizuc Beach at the end of the hotel zone permit to bring dogs.

dogs in cancun beach

My Dog “Negrita” enjoy her day at the beach in Cancun

If you want to bring your dog be aware to use leach,  clean your dog poop and do not disturb the other people visiting the beach.

You only can bring your pal in the schedule 6 am to 11 am. (this is what the board inform you but every body stay all day with their dogs)

Don´t forget to bring water for your dog, something to pick up you know what, and toys.


A lot of people that live in Cancun take their dogs to this beach so be aware that you will find a lot of dogs if you go on Sundays or Saturdays. On weekdays is less because local people go to work. So if you are visiting Cancun and want to have a fun time with your dogs swimming and walking in the beach without a lot of people go early. These photos are from when I took Negrita, I like to go at 7 am or around, there are just a few that got early so you can enjoy an empty beach. And for me after 8 in summer the sun is so strong that neither my dog or I can handle it, so we leave at 8:30.

Beach with dogs

Cancun beach that allows dogs

This beach has a good parking area and and have some palapas with table, if you want to stay all day you can take one and stay there. There is no extra charge for the parking or the palapas.

Cancun Beach in the Morning

Sunday at the Beach in Cancun

Bring your food and what to drink because this area do not have vendors or restaurants. Nope, no bathrooms either.

Have a great day at the beach with your friend!

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