Santuario de la Esperanza

Santuario de la Esperanza Puerto Morelos

This monument is made up by a central garden, framed by a platform inspired by the shape of an eye,

which represents the great interest Mayans had for the study of the cosmos and how much time they dedicated to this art

I took this text from the principal information of the Santuario de la Esperanza location.

Hope Santuary Puerto Morelos

Capsula del Tiempo Monument

Tell the sacred Mayan book Popol Vuh, that in the beginning of each Era, a new human being is created by gods, a better man than the last one, with more responsibility in keeping the universe harmony.

In behalf of ancient Mayas, December 21, 2012 will not be the end of the world, but just beginning of a new Era, where a new man with a renovated conscience will born.

This new human being it’s you, we all are. Let´s live the new era as a reborn opportunity with the knowledge of the past to be better in the future”.

Visit at Puerto Morelos

Part of the Hope Santuary Monument Puerto Morelos

This is a great place to visit at Puerto Morelos, Q. Roo, Mexico. Santuario de la Esperanza is located at the main road, Av. Tulum,  that you take to visit all the Riviera Maya.

The monument is set in front of the entrance to the Cenotes Route just passing by the Puerto Morelos Town. It has its own parking area so you can walk around and read what the monument talk about the Mayas and the cosmos and everything that they perform around the movement of the planets.

The meaning of Santuario de la Esperanza is Hope Sanctuary or Sanctuary of Hope.

Its a short visit so if you are visiting areas around your hotel or after a visit to Puerto Morelos beach you can take 10 to 15 minutes and visit this monument.

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