Jelly Roger Pirate Boat Cancun

Have you been in a Pirate Boat?

If you visit Cancun, you will have the opportunity of enjoy a fun tour in the ocean. Dinner, pirate show, music, drinks and the breeze of the sea, all in the same night.

Wood Pirate Skull

wood Pirate skull item

There are different pirate ships and several shows, we are sure you will find best for you and your friends or family and most of the programs are set to be enjoyed for all ages.

In my last trip to Cancun, I went with my friend and her 6 years old daughter to the Jolly Roger Pirate Boat, and it was awesome. We spend a really good time laughing, dancing and the dinner it was really good.

Jelly Roger Pirate Boat Cancun, the fun start as soon as we arrive to the check in area at the dock. There where pirates everywhere, laughing, drinking and fighting, exactly as a pirate boat should be right?

The boat or ship, in fact is Spanish the correct word is “galeon” and is a beautiful Spanish style galleon is made by wood, have skulls everywhere and just to ride in the ocean in it is a real pleasure. The tour start at the sunset, you can see how the boat left the dock and start going in to the open sea.

Jolly Roger Ship

Jolly Roger Pirate Ship Cancun

And then, the show start, pirates singing, ladies pirate offering  drinks and you start forgetting  everything and start enjoying the moment. The kids paying attention to every action around them, sometime holding mom’s hand for a little security, and we, the adults, start to follow the fantasy and became pirates.

They invite you to be part of the show so you will fight, you will take team with the bad pirates or the good pirates, you will send your kids to look for treasures.

Kids are Free.

I almost forgot!  One kid per adult is free. For them a kid is from 5 to 11 years.

Pirate Flag at Jolly Roger

Ready for Jolly Roger Tour

The food and the drink.

You can select your main dish: chicken, fish, steak or lobster (I’m not really sure if they offer lobster) and with your meat you can select in a buffet station: green salad, mash potatoes, carrots, peas, corn, rice and spaghetti.  For the kids they offer hot-dogs or chicken nuggets and french potatoes or spaghetti.

Since you arrive to the boat you can enjoy an open bar, but at the dinner time they offer your soft drinks, water or wine.

Its not a fancy tour is a really fun and family tour where you will be jumping and dancing with your kids or your friends or if you go alone with the people that is sitting beside you, you will be sitting in a bench during the show, you will be in the ocean in the night so you will be bouncing around a little bit so flat shoes and comfy clothes is a good idea.

In order to enjoy this tour, you need to go to “El Embarcadero” dock, that is at the Cancun hotel zone. Most of the tour operators offer ground transportation included with the tour but if you need to arrive by yourself, you can take a public bus, a taxi from your hotel, or if you are renting a car during your vacations there is a parking lot there. (you need to pay for the parking)

Need more information? Send me an email and I will help you.

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Running park in Cancun, Kabah Park.

Like Running in the Forest in Cancun?

The best option in Cancun city to enjoy nature, and enjoy a safety running around a great green area in the middle of the city is Kabah park.

Walking at Kabah Park


It doesn’t matter if you like running, jogging or footing (I’m sorry, I do not know the difference) here you will enjoy the ride.

Kabah Park.

Parque Kabah or Kabah park is just in front Costco store at Kabah avenue. Its open everyday from 6 am to 8 pm. This park is public and you dont have to pay to get inside.

Kabah park Cancun

Running in Cancun


It is a forest reserve area where you can enjoy the view of different kinds of local trees, animals, birds and little snakes, don’t worry most of the time they will stay inside the forest and humans are not allow to go outside the sidewalk or ride walk.

If you are going to visit, please be aware that it is not allow to bring pets, its not allow to feed the animals or to bring alcoholic drinks.

And you need step beside if someone is coming behind you running, if you want to walk keep in your right side please. There also some areas with gym equipment where you can complement your running routine with time in one of this areas.

Running Park Cancun: Visit Kabah park, a running park in Cancun and … Enjoy your day!


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