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Cancun City – Downtown Area

Cancun downtown area is where the people really live in Cancun, yes, there are some nice houses at the hotel zone but the huge population or “Cancunenses” live at Cancun Downtown or Cancun city. The real name of this zone is Benito Juarez, but every body refer to this area as Cancun City.

Cancun city started with some 3 floors buildings special desing and built for the people that work in the first hotels at the hotel zone, after that,  this area start to grow to this day where you can find anything that you need: supermarkets, malls, hospitals, movies teathers, beisball arena, football, gyms, restaurants, dance clubs, bars, schools,universities and more.

A lot of people when they came to visit Cancun, they arrive to the hotel zone.

But if they stay more that 4 days, they want to know the real city and go shopping to Walmart, to Sam´s, Costco or even they dont know what they will find at Market 28 but they want to go.

Well, if you want to visit Cancun city area, the ease way is to take a public bus “route2” that will take you to the area where walmart, sam´s and market 28 are.

These are some tips:

  1. Go early, after breakfast before the sun is to strong, because you will be walking on the streets.
  2. Have a plan with the group that you going dont wait to think where you want to go when you are alredy on the bus.
  3. Bring cash, not much but some 1 dollar bills will help with the little things to pay on the street (bus ticket, a soft drink, an icecream, a coconut water, one taco or more. In the regular stores they accept visa, mastercard ns amex.
  4. Ask where is the bus stop to come back to the hotel zone as soon as you arrive to that area.
  5. Go back before is dark, if you wait to the last moment, all the people like you that are shopping in that area will be waitig for the same bus, so maybe you will have to be standing all the way back.
  6. If you decide to stay a little longer and the bus is packed, please wait for the next one.
  7. Rush hours: From hotel zone to cancun city is between 4:30 and 6:30 pm. From Cancun to the Hotel zone is at mornings 7:30 to 9:30 am and in the afternoon from 6:30 from 7:30 pm when everyone want to go back.

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