One Day in Puerto Morelos

Enjoy One Great Day in Puerto Morelos.

My friends and I, enjoy a lot to be one day in Puerto Morelos, we walk around, we play with the small waves of the sea, we run on the beach and laugh a lot.

Puerto Morelos is so easy to enjoy because is developed in a very small area, you can walk the complete town area, most of the people rent a bike because this way they can carry some things with them in other to bike, laid out in the beach some time, enjoy the ocean, take pictures and then go for a bit, a cold beer or a nice cocktail at the beach bar or some place around and back to the hotel where you are staying.

Everybody here has a smile in their face, they will help you with directions or recommendations in where to go.

Most of the visitants of this area decide to enjoy their vacations or live here because Puerto Morelos still has the fishers town flavor, there is no big night shows or three floors disco bars. The city is growing, now you can enjoy beach bars that are open until 12 pm or great music or wine or food festivals at the main area but I feel that everything is designed to be enjoyed with all the members of the family giving you a huge change to spend time with your family and enjoy great events.

Puerto Morelos beach

Puerto Morelos view

One Day in Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos invite us to live every moment and you can see it in the face of every person here. Happiness is all around and I love it!

This photo I took it when we were having lunch at El Merkadito restaurant.

We had Tuna toast and grill fish that was awesome!

Tuna Toast El Merkadito

Great Food Puerto Morelos


If you are planning to visit Cancun, don’t leave without staying one day at Puerto Morelos, I promise you, it is magic.

A drink at Isla Mujeres

A great way to enjoy Isla Mujeres after a day on the beach, is having a drink in one of the beach bars that you can find at Playa Norte area.

My place for a cold beer after a sunny day is this one.

Isla Mujeres Beach bar

A great view at Isla Mujeres

Every time that I visit this island I end my day here, no happy hour anymore but still a great place!

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