San Miguelito Archaeological Site Cancun

San Miguelito Site Cancun Hotel zone.

There are many archaeological sites around Cancun hotel zone that are not open to the public.

This one is one that open a few years ago and its very easy to visit it if you are staying in one hotel around this area.

San Miguelito Mayan site is located at Cancun Hotel Zone just behind the newest Mayan Museum.

This archaeological mayan site was opened to the public on November 2012.

San Miguelito Archaeological Site Cancun

The name of this site comes from the area were is located. Before this area was a tourist area it was part of an hacienda, the name of the hacienda was San Miguelito and the archaeological site was part of its land.

Its a great place to visit because is easy to walk around, it is surrounded by mangle and tall trees that cover the direct light of the sun and is not a big site.

san miguelito archeaological site cancun

San Miguelito Pyramid Cancun

You can visit this area every day of the week but Mondays, that is when all the museums and archaeological sites in Mexico close.

If you are Mexican you have free access on Sundays with your ID.



The walking areas are not covert with concrete or any type of protection, because of this, persons on wheelchair or any walking problem will have a little more trouble to get to the pyramid area. But it is not a long distance, I invite you to go and look around.

If you prefer not to go far into this area you can enjoy of the Mayan History Museum that is a 3 floors building with all the infrastructure to welcome you.

Today, you cannot get on the pyramid, unfortunately, there are families with small kids that didn’t pay attention on the dangerous that can

be for a kid to get to the top of the pyramid by himself, and in order to not to have these type of accidents, the museum and location administrator decide to close the access to the top of the pyramid.

San Miguelito Ruins

San Miguelito Ruins Site Cancun

Location: Cancun hotel zone, Kukulcan avenue, besides Royal Resorts. Behind Mayan History Museum.

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